18/11/2017  many stock product

office chair many have stock !!
if want to buy many chair now shop have many stock !!
Have arms type !!
not have arms type
And have otehr product many !!!
please come to check !!!!!

18/11/2017  product information

Phattanakarn branch new product come in!!! Please check !!
Now start Promotion!!
Nontaburi head office
Phattanakarn branch
 Please come to check!!

16/11/2017  Product Information

New Products are ready to deal now.
Please have a look.

14/11/2017  Promotion !!!!!

Up to 50% OFF. There are plenty of bargain items!!!
Promotion product , Big bargain table !!! This way!!
Promotion Chair !!! This way !!!
And have another promotion!!!!
Please come to check !!!

13/11/2017  PROMOTION end of year

Promotion end of 2017
1.Discounted tables & chairs added
2.Quantity discount
#fair #bangkok #promotion #table #chair

11/11/2017  office furniture desk & chair set

#office #desk #chair
Recommended in sets^^

08/11/2017  Price reduction items

We have reduced the price of some products.
Please have a look.

30/10/2017  The beginning of week

Morning! All the staff are waiting.

29/10/2017  Pattanakarn Branch

gazouItem arrives to Patanakan store.
Please contact us.

28/10/2017  shop information

There are many products.
We look forward to your visit.

05/07/2017  shop holiday

on sat 8 july 2017 Asalha Bucha day
fri 28 july 2017 King Vajiralongkorn's Birthday
shop holiyda. sun 9day and sat 29 day is shop open
open shop is 9:00 to 18:00 .

05/07/2017  product information

New Product Come in Shop on Tuesday 6 July’ 2017.
please come to check product!!!

21/05/2017  product information

New Product Come in Shop on Tuesday 23 May’ 2017.
please come to check product

10/05/2017  product information

16.05.2017 product come from japan
please come to check!!!

10/05/2017  shop holiday

on wed 10/05/2017 Wisakhabucha Day is shop holiday
next 11 day is shop open 9:00 to 18:00

22/04/2017  product information

on TUE 25.04.2017 product come from japan!!
please come to check!!!

10/04/2017  product information

wed 19.04.2017 product come from japan
please come to check!!!

10/04/2017  Songkran holiday

12/04/2017 to 16/04/2017 Songkran is shop holiday
next 17 day shop open normal 9:00 - 18:00

23/03/2017  product information

New Product Come in Shop on Sun 13 Mar’ 2017.
please come to shop and check product!!!

08/03/2017  product information

New Product Come in Shop on Mon 13 Mar’ 2017.
please come to shop and check product!!!

23/02/2017  product information

New Product Come in Shop on Fri 24 Feb’ 2017.
please come to shop and check product!!!

09/02/2017  product information

New Product Come in Shop on The 14 Feb’ 2017.
please come to shop and check product!!!

26/01/2017  product information

New Product Come in Shop on The 02 Feb’ 2017.
please come to shop and check product!!!

15/01/2017  product information

New Product Come in Shop on Fri 20 Jan’ 2017.
please come to shop and check product!!!

06/01/2017  product information

Happy new year 2017!!
Tue 10, Jan’ 2017. This year first container come in.
please come to shop and check product!!!

27/12/2016  new year holiday

Happy new year holiday Shop 30-31 Dec 2016 – 1-2 Jan 2017
next day 3 Jan 2017 open shop

04/12/2016  shop holiday

mon 5, Dce ,2016 King's birthday  sat 10 Dce 2016 Constitution Memorial Day is
shop holiday.
next tue 6 day and sun 11 day is shop open.

21/10/2016  Shop holiday

Chulalongkorn Day Sun 23.10.2016 is shop holiday.
Next Mon 24.10.2016 is shop open. 9:00~18:00.

23/08/2016  product information

New Product Come in Shop on Sat 27Aug’ 2016.
please come to see product!!!

14/08/2016  product information

New Product Come in Shop on Fri 19 Aug’ 2016.
please come to see product!!!

05/08/2016  shop open time

7 August we will open shop on 10.00 am (A constitutional referendum)
next 8 day is on 9:00 am ~ 18:00 pm

05/08/2016  shop holiday

friday 12 August (H.M. The Queen’s Birthday) is shop holiday.
next satday 13 August is open shop

18/06/2016  colorful Lobby chair

Green colorful Lobby chair!!
have caster. easy move!! Can use Lobby , home and some scene!!
stock is little please quickly come to shop!!

18/06/2016  Lecture Chair arrival

Lecture Chair arrival!!
stylish and simple design!!
Meeting room , school , Cram school , some place can use. please come to check product!!

16/06/2016  Japan carpet arrival

tile carpet come gray type arrival!!
stock is little please quick come to shop!!!
other stock is this!!

16/06/2016  Best Choice

Affordable price table and chair set!!
not small size. not big size!!
can use office , home and some situation!!
please try our shop.

16/06/2016  Rainy season come!!!

Rainy season come!!!
umbrella setting finish??
if no setting. yet no late. quickly setting product.!
shop have many stock!!
please come to check product!!!

29/04/2016  May shop holiday

1 May National Labour Day
5 May Coranaton Day
20 May Wisakha Bucha Day
Except for these holidays,Open shop on 09:00-18:00 everyday.

28/04/2016  big chair arrival

big size sofa chair arrival
Spacious chair and good design not office only!!!
can use home!!
please check real product!!

27/04/2016  Product information

New Product Come in Shop on Saturday 30 April 2016.
please come to check product!!!

24/04/2016  Good design chair arrival!!!!!

Poppular style chair arrival!!
Setting chair to lobby or chair in your room
and make product setting in Coffee shop or shared room up to you!!
This way have many chair!!
And this way have many table!!

22/04/2016  kitchen cabinet have stock

can use office. design and material steel.
maybe think home kitchen cabinet is can not use office・・・・design and color difference.
Introduction!!! It is steel kitchen cabinet material and color is near cabinet!!
other stock is this!!
can use home design!!

12/04/2016  Arrival Lecture Chair!!

Arrival Lecture Chair!!
Chair and table set product.
steel frame and wood chair have Vintage feel!!
please come to check real product!!!

09/04/2016  Product information

New Product Come in Shop on Tuesday 12 April 2016.
please come to check product!!!

07/04/2016  Easy to keep your tools

Very Easy for this side drawers!!
Top on cabinet is good style wood matching with cabinet so much.
Have one door can tell just when you looking inside!!

07/04/2016  New arrived Modern chair!!

Make design for relax when you looking.
Chair seat so widely and when you sit down make you relax!!
Not Information space only and design make your living room it's ok !!

04/04/2016  New arrived High back chair!!

New arrived High back chair!!!
When somebody try to seat it make your feel good.
and make your feel executive.
You can setting in your executive room or meeting room
or your working room and matching every room sure!!
Don't miss good products!!

04/04/2016  Have many working desk!!

ArrivedDesk with drawer one side! and Desk with drawer each side !!
Somebody now want to buy.This goods for you because many stock!!
This style have damage but can use long time again!!
Don't miss good products!!

03/04/2016  Sofa Chair

We have beautiful Sofa chair.
Can setting in your executive room or meeting room
for important person to relax.Now your sofa it's ok?
Setting with caster to easy for use and matching with meeting table!!
This way have stock many!!!Please come in shop !!
Don't miss because it's can setting in your home!!

03/04/2016  New arrived stylish furniture

Colorful sideboard good design!!
You can make idea by modern white color wood in your room!!
This way have many product for reading book in your houseor setting in your executive room!!

01/04/2016  Product information

New Product Come in Shop on Tuesday 05 April 2016.
please come to check product!!!

01/04/2016  April shop holiday

6day Chakri day
13day ~ 17day Songkran is shop holiday
next 18day is normal open shop. 9:00 - 18:00

17/03/2016  Counter!!!

What do you do make about Information counter?
Can mixer with low partition type (low partition sold separately) or open style.
Setting Private or open show up to you!!
This way low type ・ high type have stock!!!

15/03/2016  Product information

New Product Come in Shop on Monday 21 Mar 2016.
please come to check !!

12/03/2016  So easy!

One item can setting with desk on side table or
setting on center with desk and desk.

If you want to setting printer or documents near you,
But not enough space for setting.
And you want space a little only this item can help you!
Stocks not have Steel type only wood type have too.
Can setting in your working room or in your room.

10/03/2016  have wood locker

wood locker have many stock!!
can use house!! not office only!!
please come to check product!

06/03/2016  high chair stock!!

Wood high chair come in!!
It will produce the antique atmosphere in the design of calm woodgraining!!
other stock is this!!
stock is little please quickly come in shop!!

06/03/2016  Thank you for waiting.

school desk come in!!!
Use school chair together!!!

28/02/2016  Meeting table have many stock!!!

Meeting table have many size and stock!!
Use Number of people・room size・place and Scenes. please choice.
2~4 person4~6 person
please come to check rial product!!

17/02/2016  Product information

New Product Come in Shop on Saturday 27 February 2016.

17/02/2016  After remaining slightly!!!

Double Swing Doors Cabinetlot product come in!!
high type 1400mm , can use each section partition and entrance partition.
put away easy. big type file!!
if H1200 type is lower. the but H1800 type is high over think this.
It is just the right size!!

14/02/2016  Shop holiday

Monday,22 February 2016 (Makah Bucha Day) is shop holiday
This day is can not contact us.
sunday 21day , tuesday 23day is shop open

12/02/2016  locker have stock!!

3 person locker come in!!
stylish blue color and good condition!!!
other 3 person stock is this.
4 person type is this!!
please come to check!!

09/02/2016  Computer desk have stock!!!

Computer desk have stock!!!
Have big shelf 2 place. Not PC only. Paper and small accessory can setting!!
Computer desk have many style

09/02/2016  Before the rainy season comes!

It is essential in the rainy season
Please setting quickly!!!!!
Home type have stock together!!!!

07/02/2016  Campaign

Now start campaign let's buy System desk and Inside drawer (high type)!!!
If you buy system desk and Inside drawer (high type). This case 50% !!!!
Use in your office or add your desk belong to you!!!

07/02/2016  Product information

New Product Come in Shop on saturday 13 February’ 2016.
please come to check product!!

05/02/2016  Executive desks come in

Product wood executive desks
If you setting in your room
It make your room look like a cool and awesome!!
This way many stocks
Limited Stock don't miss!!

05/02/2016  Easy to use

Can setting in your conner office or your room.
Semi circle table can setting to fit your wall!!
This way many stocks.!!!

25/01/2016  Wood Cabinet

Wood Cabinet come in!!!
Smallish size while is certainly a storage capacity!!!
Under Drawer have caster!! easy can draw out.
can use home furniture design !! please try!!
Other wood cabinet is this!!

23/01/2016  Good collaboration

High table and High chair
Office , Lobby. how is it use break time?
Can use home counter!!
High chair is this!!
High table is this!!
stock is little please quick come in shop!!

19/01/2016  Convenient move document

Document , Book move time Convenient!!!!
Have caster.many document and book moved can do!!
Even when put away can watching title.

15/01/2016  Make relax time

Office and Home make relax time. how about you?
optimum Situation make. lobby , small meeting and customer come in home.
Office furniture is little Arrange can use home furniture!!
Sofa and table have stock!!

12/01/2016  Your chair belong your body or not??

One chair may be change to up your skill to do work and good health.
Best chair sitting for a long time
Good maker for your choice!!OKAMURAKOKUYOITOKI

10/01/2016  transformer desk!!

Use time、L-shaped desk.
if not use time can folding. after computer desk can use.
can use 2 Variations!!!

10/01/2016  Start Soon ?

Do not you start sorting of dust?
It is possible fractionation up to three in one!!
Convenient because capacity enters many!!
other stock and small type have stock!!

09/01/2016  Use in your house!!

Sofa chair!!Can use setting in house. Coordinate by yourself!!
Wide style and colorful style and have many stock!!
relaxation for you!! please Choice best match sofa.
Would like living room ・private room and bedroom?

09/01/2016  Product information

New Product Come in Shop on saturday 16 January’ 2016.
Please come in shop!!

07/01/2016  You can still use!!

Wardrobe, Locker, Cabinethave a door!
Easy DIY for make your style NOW!!!
You have any choice!! Make for your office or your home?

06/01/2016  Can use this!!

Put away is document and file only・・・
Think about this?
There is no thing!!!! Can use many!!!
Not office only. Can use home!!!
Storage capacity is outstanding!! Please try!!
Stock have many. And low price!!!

06/01/2016  It is how?

have are L type desk
L Shape wide type. document workspace and PC workspace, can Separate
Other stock is this!!
Small and stylish type is this!!

05/01/2016  Whiteboard Trolly have stock

Whiteboard Trolly have stock
one side type and can use magnet
Compact size and easy to move!!!!
other wall whiteboard type is this!!!

04/01/2016  Big Meeting table

stock last 1 set!!!
MAKER UCHIDA. Can use many people.
Display in shop. can watching. please come to check.

03/01/2016  use tile carpet?

use tile carpet?
Situation for Office, home and etc.
Color variations and setting variations is customers can Choose.
other stock is this!!

03/01/2016  High quality chair have stock!!!

High quality chair come in!!
One rank up Comfortable chairs!!
please come in check!!

28/10/2014  Have WIRING DUCT!!

Meeting table have line duct type is this!!
Convenient to LAN and electronics line.
Type duct nothing is this!!
Meething table Use No.1 size W1500~W1800 is this!!!

18/10/2014  Documents is useful organizing.

document Organize time very Convenient.
have small type and high type
The color of the home or office, please select the type by style.

23/07/2011  WEB Order Start!!

Every products you can check on website. Perfect mentanance & cleaning. We guarantee the quality 3 monthes.