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Tomizawa shop make and setting many product for keep ex. Cabinet, server rack, steel rack etc.


Swing Doors Cabinet

Tomizawa shop sale swing doors cabinet many units and popular in Japan ex. Okamura, Kokuyo, Uchida, Itoki, etc.

Slide Doors Cabinet

Slide Doors cabinet for limited area is easy to use.

Open Cabinet

Open Cabinet not have door is easy for pick up document.

Cabinet Set

Cabinet Set is make set many style ex. Open cabinet & Drawers etc.

Drawers Cabinet

Drawers Cabinet can keep document is regulations.

Open Drawers Cabinet

Open Drawers Cabinet is easy for find document by pull and can't see door.

Combi Cabinet

Combi Cabinet is add many style ex. One side is door other side is drawers.

Crystal Tray Cabinet

Crystal Tray Cabinet or from cabinet can keep paper A4, B5 but can keep small product together.

Magazine Stand

Magazine Stand can keep document in side and out side can show magazine.

Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet can keep many document is regulations.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet can keep cup and kitchen product.

Single Swing Door Cabinet

Single Swing Door Cabinet is comfort for keep document.

ShutterDoor Cabinet

Shutter Door Cabinet is hidden door but open door have wide area for find document.

Utility Shelves

Utility Shelves is extract easy and can keep lillte-middle weight product.

Metal Rack

If customer find metal rack, please come in shop.

Computer Sever Rack

If customer computer server rack for setting network, please come in shop.

Drawing Cabinet

Drawing cabinet for keep film, map, big drawing.

Glass Showcase

Glass show case can make collection and show product for sale.

Letter case

Letter case can keep letter and keep small product together.

storage Cabinet For Outside

Storage cabinet for out side for keep product not use long time.

Slide Move Cabinet Set

Slide move cabinet set can save area, walk rode in office and keep many document.

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